Friends and family of Sy and Helen Wexler......

On Friday, November 28, 2008, Sy and Helen were interred in their niche at Pierce Brothers Cemetery in Westwood California.

David, Julie, Ian, Melanie, Aaron and Howard enjoyed lunch in Westwood followed by a short walk to the Cemetery. 

Sy & Helen’s inscribed urns were placed in a niche overlooking a peaceful garden, with flowing water and blooming flowers.

Afterwards, a few of their ashes were ceremoniously scattered in the garden of the family homestead at 1616 Curson, Hollywood, and also at Sy’s daily refuge, the  Mulholland Tennis ClubMemories were recorded on video for an eventual retrospective DVD.  David recited some of Sy’s memorable jokes, Howard recounted stories about Helen’s paintings, and the grandkids remembered their favorite family times.

Howard is continuing his work as Director of Photography, filming features, documentaries and corporate projects.

Aaron is coaching girls volleyball at Crossroads School in Los Angeles, is CEO and head coach of his own West Coast Volleyball Club, playing guitar, and competing in beach volleyball tournaments as often as he can.

Evone is working as a Sound Healer, using chimes and tones.

Ian is a Director of Photography working on indie films and acting in stage plays, living in Brooklyn NY.

Mel is the proud mother of Mia April Grace, born October 16, 2012.

David and Julie continue to manage Hollywood Vaults.

Howard and David have been working together cataloging The Wexler Archive, a collection of over 600 films Sy produced. Many are transferred to video, for eventual release on DVD and web access. The entire collection will be donated to a repository that will make Sy’s life work available to scholars, historians and teachers.  Many of the films are available at:

Best wishes to all, and we will keep you informed of any developments from the Wexler west coast!  

Howard, David, Evone, Aaron, Ian, Melanie, Mia, and Julie Wexler

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